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Pristine Water Beach Development (Cynergy Confirming Appraisals)
Project Amount: $1,147,896,600
Crosswinds Development Group LLC and Anguilla Beach Development are positioned to develop over 1407 acres and 7576 feet of ocean frontage beachfront on cat Island Bahamas. The development will maximize the magnificent waters views whenever possible Outdoor spaces will be designed to maximize outdoor living and the water views.
Serinity Bay
Project Amount: $118,605,200 (Cynergy Confirming Appraisals)
This project consists of the development of 150 acres with the most extra ordinary panoramic ocean views on Long Island Cay Bahamas the development appropriately named Serinity Bay Development promotes peaceful harmony in a Zen like atmosphere to promote wellness, healing and recovery. The site will maximize the magnificent water views. With expanding medical tourism business, the Bahamas is poised to take advantage of this growing industry. Having some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, and its proximity to Florida, SBD will be a premier destination for such a project.
Silver Sands resort and Villas (Cynergy Confirming Appraisals)
Project Amount: $66,533,720
Silver Sands Resort is positioned to develop 17 acres of beachfront development at the exiting Silver Sands Resort. Built in stages, the current buildings have closed its doors to the public and has teamed with Crosswinds to rebrand and redevelop the 17 acres into a competitive branded hotel, villas, entertainment in a resort setting. This has become a Crosswinds branded product. There are currently 12 buildings constructed over 28 years starting in 1970 with 130 hotel rooms and suites. The building and rooms will be converted into condominiums apartment and villas. A hotel will be built new in a more scenic beachside location and commercia/entertainment will be added to complement the project.
Equestrian Estates (Cynergy Confirming Appraisals)
Project Amount: $82,627,500
Crosswinds positioned themselves to develop a 48-acre development in Southwest Ranches, Florida.  Less than a mile off I75, this property, formally a horse ranch, is one of the last large properties remaining in the South Florida area.  Zoned for 1-acre residential development, the project will provide a high-end residential estate community for the exclusive buyer. The development will capitalize on the previous range infrastructure and design for onsite stables, and horseback riding through the site.  In other words, you can ride your horse to your home.   Home owners will be able to choose from one of our models, can have us design/build a custom home or can use their own architect if the design conforms to the standards of the community. The development will be unique to South Florida in that it is both gated and with individualized architecturally designed homes.

Cynergy Financial Trust/H.F.A Green Builders Training and Manufacturing Project 
Project Amount: $250,000,000
Allows for several different real estate businesses and real estate development activities and environmental services. H.F.A Green Builders L.L.C will initiate work in raw land acquisition, ”Green Built” facilities development, “Green Built” housing development, and associated real estate development activities. Additionally, H.F.A Green Builders L.L.C will establish “Green Products” Manufacturing Plants to supply all of its developments and will provide both the materials for the construction work and the training necessary to prepare all employees for all development and building workloads.
Central Plaza Development Project-Phoenix (Closed)
Project Amount: $16,500,000 
Central Avenue is the aorta artery in the heart of downtown Phoenix which serves as the epicenter of cultural, political, financial and economic activity. The propose development is will be low-moderate housing and commercial retail and office space.
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