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Guarantees at least $100,000 in Funding

Cynergy Financial in Conjunction with Innovative Capital Strategies, Inc. (ICS) through a grant-funded program, will assist small, mid and start-up businesses in qualifying for SBA and business loans through our Capital Ready & Business Funding Program. 


$100,000 GUARANTEE


All participants of the Capital Ready Package Program are guaranteed at least $100,000 in funding and we will continue to assist you until that goal is reached.  The length of time to access funding is based upon you--not us--including your starting point, your selected type(s) of capital, your compliance with the process, etc.  Our lending partners continue to report an average of only ~15 days for funding on the aforementioned SBA loans up to $150,000 with low interest and ten-year repayment terms.


Our goal is to get your access to capital started within the first thirty (30) days of participation.  We'll assign you a Finance Officer who will work closely with you to identify immediate sources of capital based upon your mitigating circumstances.  Furthermore, a Small Business Mentor will provide you one-on-one guidance as you progress through the ten step process to become Capital Ready.




While there is normally a $2.5000 refundable deposit to enroll in the Capital Ready Program, we'll defer that and your only cost at enrollment is a one-time $499.99 administrative processing fee invoiced by Innovative Capital Strategies and once paid upon enrollment an On-Boarding-Form will be emailed to process your funding package.  


The cost at enrollment is a one-time $499.99 administrative processing fee which includes:


  1. No risk

  2. An assigned Finance Officer

  3. Guaranteed $100,000 capital raise

  4. Free business plan and 36-month cash flow projections

  5. Third party feasibility data

  6. In most cases, first tranche of capital within 30 days

  7. If needed, no upfront cost credit repair

  8. Proven model developed by former SBA Advisors

  9. Emphasis on EIN-based capital raise

  10. No minimum credit score needed

  11. No minimum time in business required

  12. Many sources of capital--we identify the right type


Whether you want to sell or buy a business, insightful analysis and proven investment banking expertise is critical to unlocking the full value of your asset. At Cynergy Capital we take a distinctly strategic approach to Mergers & Acquisitions, with decades of transaction experience in manufacturing, consumer products, and technology and service sectors. Your Cynergy Managing Director will assist you in creating value pre- and post-acquisition well beyond the traditional role of intermediary including a discussion of the pros and cons of selling a business or planning for a merger or acquisition. With over $500 million in equity disbursement capabilities, we can offer lucrative exit strategies for companies at virtually every stage throughout their life cycle across a broad range of industry sectors. We buy small to medium size businesses in a wide variety of industries ranging from education to agriculture in the United States and abroad


There are no cookie-cutter approaches at Cynergy, although we have a proven methodology.  Since we are building relationships and not simply executing transactions, we take the time to listen and understand, that we may better assist in our clients’ success, no matter at what stage of the businesses’ lifecycle.

  • Growth Strategy

       Effecting immediate and sustained growth in clients’ markets which            are highly fragmented and where positioning, messaging and                      differentiation are critical

  • Go-To-Market Strategy

       Designing and implementing effective sales and marketing models for        accelerated growth

  • Talent Acquisition and Alignment

       Assessing and aligning talent with the business strategy and finding            and attracting the best talent. Leveraging an extensive network of                experts and practitioners including individuals who have direct                    operating experience


Cynergy Loan Origination/Service, includes the oversight and management of sub-servicers in portfolios with multiple originators or seller servicers:


  • Primary servicing, providing traditional loan, delinquency administration, and investor reporting services


  • Special servicing, including asset management and loan workout expertise for non-performing loans


  • Humanitarian-sponsored projects servicing, covering payments, loan servicing, and asset management of the loan


We provide commercial real estate loan services for individual borrowers, institutional investors, financial institutions, internationally recognized investment banks, and other third-party investment groups that own commercial mortgage backed securities (CMBS) and loan portfolios. 


Our Business Development focuses on to start any new business or to expand on an established business, three important things are needed; creativity, drive and money. As professionals at Cynergy, we recognize the importance of these requirements and by using the consortium approach; we leverage considerable resources to assist business owners in meeting their needs. By combining all of the talents of those within Cinergy’s approach, like venture capital, investment banking, asset management, development services, marketing strategy, world class branding initiatives and consulting services, we establish a customized dream team specifically to meet your needs, giving you the best opportunities for success.  


We have chosen Startegis Advertising www.strstegis.adv  as our lead marketing company by building a strong community, we can strengthen the relationship between our brand and our clients, connecting with them across a broad base of platforms and leveraging our unique voice  through  keyword selection to continual monitoring, analytics, content development, increased traffic, and more qualified page views. The interactive content will provide the finest social media marketing management system to increase productivity.


In our experience it is quite likely that your [family owned] business does not have a well-documented and thought out exit strategy, just as it may not have a well thought out succession plan or a current valuation.  The reasons for this are quite simple.  Entrepreneurs work so hard that it is not uncommon for them to be surprised when they are 50- or 60-something and suddenly may be very successful but also beginning to think of retiring or exiting the business.  


We believe that the valuation, exit strategy and succession planning should go hand in hand with one another. Succession planning is the process by which a logical successor for the business is identified; an exit strategy allows the business owner to identify the steps towards obtaining the optimal value for the business at the time when he/she is ready to retire or exit.  The ‘who will be taking over’ and the how and when need to be answered in the context of many different scenarios that an exit strategy process will yield.  We have discovered that entrepreneurs wait much too long to codify that strategy. 


The succession process provides an unprecedented opportunity for the owner to take a fresh look at where the company is headed, establish new goals, identify any missing talent, and take actions to secure skilled outside talent. Having an established strong managerial track record provides confidence to potential buyers or investors, thus increasing the overall value of the business.


Our commercial mortgage servicing is one of the strongest in the industry. We offer competitive pricing on a full range of products and services:

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