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Cynergy Financial LLC Safe-Keeping-Receipt (SKR)

Cynergy’s Gold Backed SKR is on deposit with HSBC London with the bank’s full responsibility to be used as collateral and for monetarization to fund projects. The (SKR) is a form of guarantee in the event of insolvency of the buyer/signatory and for project funding. The principal (the seller/signatory) gives to another person (the buyer/signatory) the goods or other assets under the SKR, reserving the right to property. The SKR is usually a commitment of the principal to insure the goods in favor of the principal and the obligation in the event of sale of the goods to a third party to transfer the proceeds to the principal.

The SKR will be used as a financial tool to fund: 

•    Gold
•    Bonds
•    Property
•    Collectible Art
•    Above Ground Assets
•    Precious Gems
•    Valuable Documents


NOTE: SKR is not just a financial tool, but with SKR it is confirmed the presence of collateral in the bank vault. SKR Issuer accepts responsibility to be legally responsible guardian of wealth.


Safe-Keeping-Receipt (SKR) Procedures

1)  Client forward a Letter-Of-Request (LOR) for the use of the SKR outlining the project, the requested amount and any pertinent information that               explains the nature of the overall transaction. The LOR is forwarded to the Compliance Department for review.

2)  If transaction is accepted Compliance will forward a Client Information Summary/Sheet (CIS) requesting, Company registration/certificate if 

     applicable, Passport copy for the Authorized Representative/Signatory and a copy of Deed of Agreement (DOA or Full Corporate Offer (CFO) or

     Merger Agreement for private equity-structured monetization whichever is applicable to the transaction.

3)  Upon receipt of either the Deed of Agreement (DOA), Full Corporate Offer (FCO) or Merger Agreement for private equity-structured monetization

     A letter will be forwarded indicating the nature of the transaction showing Proof-of-Funds (POF).

4)  Cynergy uses a registered financial institution with FinCEN, The Financial Crimes Network Bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury.

     As a registered financial institution, we file Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs} and other necessary reports of a Money Service Business to protect our


NOTE: As part of the SKR compliance process our transactions are screened by the Federal Reserves to adhere to Anti-money laundering regulations. Also, the Luxembourg, Swiss, International and European Union anti-money laundering regulations impose obligations to obtain sufficient knowledge of our Clients, their identity, their business, background and the nature of funds.

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